Troy Media is looking to partner with local journalists and businesspeople

Has your community lost its local media outlet?
Are you a casualty of the legacy media bloodbath

We can help.

As a Troy Media Business Partner, your annual sponsorship entitles you to:

  1. Free advertising on this site
  2. a 50% discount off our advertising rates on our national ad platform
  3.  Four free advertorials per year
  4. Membership in Troy Media’s VIP Thought Leadership program, a $2,750 per year value. Join our current Thought Leaders and share your insights with readers and decision-makers across Canada
  5. a 30% discount on all sponsorship opportunities
  6. Knowing you are supporting your community and actively promoting it across Canada

Contact us for more information on how you can become a Troy Media Business Partner.

As a Troy Media Journalist Partner, you receive:

  1. Free website hosting
  2. Free website maintenance and updates
  3. Free responsive theme and customization, and updates
  4. Free mobile-ready theme and updates
  5. Free use of all our plugins
  6. ALL of Troy Media’s editorial content
  7. Local ad platform for the exclusive use of your local advertisers
  8. National ad platform
  9. Revenue sharing from our national ad platform
  10. Revenue sharing from any advertorials produced by Troy Media which run on your site
  11. Revenue sharing from any sponsored content which runs on your site
  12. And more!

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Access Troy Media’s national editorial content distribution channels and its own growing network of news sites across Canada to prospect for new business and investment for your community.

Contact us to find our how we can promote your community and help it transition to the new economy.

Troy Media

Meet the team

Founded in 2005, Troy Media is a highly-respected editorial content provider to print and online media outlets in Canada. But with the collapse of legacy media outlets, we decided to use our expertise to partner with local business development departments, journalists and business people to ensure that their communities retain their Voice, and are able to tell their stories to each other and across Canada.